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Hollins, VA
I have never felt more alone. I know I had gotten myself into debt, but my shame kept isolating me. I needed help and I was frozen. I had let things become so out of control I didn't have many options. Polo Funding offered help, support, and they were fair. Polo Funding saved me.
Sun Prairie, WI
Bankruptcy was not an option. I had awful credit following my divorce. Everything was in my ex-husband's name except some high balance credit cards for which he left me holding the bag. My bank wouldn't even give me a loan. It was a hard ugly time. Polo Funding was there for me when no one else was. Polo Funding pointed me in the right direction and showed me how to get there. Thank you, Polo Funding.
Louisville, KY
The light at the end of the tunnel was clear ― stop paying so much interest! I just didn't know how to get myself into that place. Polo Funding showed me how. It was simple, easy, and a lot less stressful than paying the minimum payment on a million cards. Thanks, Polo Funding, for working with me and for me!